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What will happen at my first rheumatology appointment?

My GP has refererred me to a rheumatologist because I developed lupus type symptoms when I was on a drug to treat endometriosis type symptoms. Since I have been off the drug the lupus type symptoms have remained even though my blood results for sle came back negative. My symptoms include aching joints, muscle pain, recurring mouth ulcers, headaches, raynauds, vertigo and very flush face. Because my blood results came back negative I'm surprised my GP said she wanted to refer me. Could anyone shed some light on what might happen when I am there. Thanks.

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hi the nurse will weigh you take blood pressure urine test propebly a little questionnaire to fill in then the ruimi will ask questions and full examination take notes on you symptoms and any question you need to ask etc try not to be to nervous then there will be blood tests maby exray good luck hope you see a good one g


Try and think of all the ailments you have had and write them down. Even if they do not bother you now, or you don't think there is a connection. It is true you will examined so wear your big knickers!!! I have found in the past that I think I know how the visit will go, but when I get in there I get asked stuff that completely throws me. So that's why I write it down. Hope your doc is good and up! On lupus


Thanks for your replies and advice. I have had some bad experiences with consultants for other things in the past so wanted to go in prepared x


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