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Why dark circles will appear under eyes even though i used to drink water regularly?

My ANA speckled positive[2+] from the past 1.5 years. my lupes is negative. i have auto immune heamolytic anemia and auto immune antithyrodities previously. i used medicines for 1.2 years. Doctors advised me to stop all the medicines and come back for regular check up after 3 months as my CBC, thyroid reports, Reticules count Urine analysis are normal. 2 days back i gone under regular checkup after stopping the medicines for about 3 months Now my CBC, thyroid reports are normal but ANA is again [2+} positive . i m not able to get why ANA is positive even though all reports are normal. I m worrying for ANA positive . one more thing is i have dark circles under eyes from the past 2 years. i used so my tips but of no use. i want to know Why dark circles will appear under eyes even though i used to drink water regularly and stopped medicines also. Any one who know these answers please respond.

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Dark circles under the eyes could be caused by many things and autoimmune diseases do tend to cause them too.

In respect of the ANA, with the medical history you have - two autoimmune diseases - there is a strong indication that your ANA is likely to be positive (ANA measures whether the immune system has created antibodies against own cells' nuclei). Just because the rest of the reports are normal, it doesn't mean that your immune system isn't creating auto-antibodies, it is just that the autoimmune activity is not picked up by the tests (the tests are not sufficiently sensitive to detect it). The good news is that while the activity is not detected, it is unlikely that it causes major damage.

I'm surprised that your doctors have suggested you stop all medication for your existing autoimmune diseases but given that all your tests show normal, then that's very good news!


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