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An introduction by yzzil

I would like to introduce to you, yzzil.

"When I found the Lupus Message Board I was in a very bad way physically and mentally.

I had a diagnosis of SLE for about 8 years before I came across this forum, my health was good and I had no idea how ill I could become.

I had a really bad lupus flare in 2007 to 2009, during this flare I found it very difficult to get the treatment I needed, partly because I was not specific enough on my symptoms and how they were effecting me and partly due to the fact that getting appointments with the medical profession was very difficult and when I did get the appointment the follow up appointments were to far apart.

The members of the LUpus Message Board are very caring and supportive. They also pointed me in the right direction to seek help for my Lupus. This helped me to get appropriate treatment from the medical profession.

Physical health problems were not my only problem, I had developed severe depression/anxiety due to my dealings with the medical professions and the fact that when I became very ill it had a massive impact on my family, this created a whole new set of problems for me to deal with.

The LUpus Message Board is not like other forums, the forum is private and so when we talk about what we are dealing with, you know that it will not be seen by anyone apart from the members. Or if you don't want other members to see personal information you can private message Ros direct.

With this knowledge I found it easier to talk about how I was feeling with my emotions and the side effects this was having on my family. Ros and this forum is very special as Ros has trained in psychological support and is prepared to give up her time to help other sufferers, she has helped me to work through some really big issues I have and in the process this has helped me understand myself.

My family and I now have a better understanding of my lupus and its emotional effects, this has led to a relaxed supportive family atmosphere rather than everyone at war with each other.

My depression and anxiety is now at a manageable level and this is down to Ros and all the other members of this forum. Thank you."

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