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sulfamethoxazole I’m taking this medicine along with other meds my stomach hurts so bad I’m going to see my Gastroenterologist on Monday


Any suggestions

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The drug you mention is an antibiotic for respiratory & urinary infections.

Unfortunately, some of us with SLE have gastro involvement. This happened to me & includes mal absorption.

The best drug I found is sulfasalazine. Some patients are allergic to sulfa based medication.

Methotrexate goes well with this too.

However, the ONLY person who can help you will be seeing both your SLE specialist who should refer you to a gastroenterologist, who also sees SLE patients. They will probably order procedures to see what is going on, such as an endoscopy & colonoscopy to see any inflammation or what is causing your pain.

This is very distressing.

I hope your appointment goes well. Please do return & say how you got o.

With good wishes,


Thank you so much for this information and yes I will definitely let you know be blessed