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Help and thoughts confused


Rhumotology appointment , update

Rhumatologist doesn’t think it’s lupus but then he’s now said I don’t have fibromyalgia and they diagnosed that three years ago lupus is notoriously difficult to diagnose but a new test in America is due here soon .. He has said a antihistamine to dampen down things because I do have a overactive immune system but it’s also used for anxiety etc I suppose it’s dual use . To keep an eye on kidney and liver issues with GP and avoid gluten . So perhaps a way forward for now he does think the stresses of my life are impacting upon my immune system ... stress in my life has been extreme husband committed suicide 4 years ago and my son was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2016 ongoing

I am ok about these considerations ,,,will think about using the medication but will have to do so for six months . Drug recommended is hydroxyzine whilst I appreciate my life has been stressful I am not filled with anxiety just unwell headaches recently have been terrible , fatigue , stiffness , photosensitivity . Would appreciate thoughts .x

Symptoms , headaches , stiffness muscular joint , photosensitivity , liver and kidney issues and cysts , fatigue .

Tested positive for ANA but not double strand


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I have replied to your email!

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