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Jelly baby here well I have had all the special scan of my sphincter which they didn’t tell me the results on that then I saw a medical scientist who did all the muscle tests and nerves when he finished he explained the reason I have no muscle control is the muscles are know good and the nerves aren’t good he did explain with everything I suffer with all play a part on my muscles he said for quality of life he recommends a stoma I will be seeing my colorectal consultant on the 9th February

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I am sorry to read this and I don't know how you are feeling about having to have this procedure. I am going off line now and won't be back until tomorrow evening - I think you are in the US? If you reply, I will get back to you as son as I can.

With good wishes,



Thank you it’s hard to know what I really think but I know I can’t go on the way I am and I live in the UK


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