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Suffering a great deal

So I have been really suffering a great deal now. My doctor isn't doing anything to help me at all. I can't walk now because my foot swelled up so badly and an X-ray showed that I have significant cartilage damage. My doctor didn't give me any pain medication and acted like it wasn't anything to worry about although the pain is so severe I can't even rotate my ankle or put any weight on it. Now, wearing a booty/using crutches that I got from the hospital, my shoulder is so bad that I can't lift it and I can barely move my neck up or down. My whole body is swollen and every bone in my body (mostly my joint) feel like they're broken! It's so extremely painful that I can't sleep. I've been crying in pain for over a week now. I have severe tmj where my joint is actually so swollen that it's sticking out and I can't eat anything without wanting to smash my head into the wall. I've complained to my doctor and she still hasn't done anything for me. The tmj pain started in march. Now my right eye is so red and painful I can't move it around. It's also very embarrassing. I also have a rash that's itchy and painful all over my chest and arms and my whole back. I don't know what to do. My doctor hasn't sent me to see anyone and she hasn't given me anything for the pain at all. Now My son and I are homeless because I couldn't work so I lost our apartment. Now I can't walk. I don't know what to do.

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I am very sorry reading your story. I gather you are in the USA and therefore I think your best source of help must come from the US.

I recommend you first contact the Lupus Foundation of America and look for your local chapter. They may be able to offer advice as to what you need to do to get some medical help.

You wrote that you got crutches from the hospital. Perhaps, you should return and ask the doctor to examine you, given the level of pain. I also think your "red eye" needs to be examined by an ophthalmologist. There are many reasons for a "red eye" from conjunctivitis to inflammation which may require steroid drops. This is a matter of urgency and I do not think you should leave it.

Other than that, you need to return to your doctor and explain you cannot walk and in a great deal of pain.

I do not know how to help you as you have lost your home. Perhaps there are organisations you can contact that can help you. I do not know how old is your son, but surely social services must be able to help you, given a child is involved.

I am sorry I cannot offer you anything more.

With good wishes,



My love demand your doctor to do something or switch her ... Lupus is pain not alone everything else thy comes with it .. I am in the hospital right k screaming for help .. Stay strong


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