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Pain in jaw

Hi all

Well I went to the dr she could not find anything wrong with my throat neck or jaw, told me to massage sides and keep opening and closing my mouth to excercise it. Decided to go to dentist he examined my jaw did exray my jaw has dislocated itself then popped back in but was now inflamed but of course we all know what happens with the good old fighting mecanism of the body in our case, so will take longer to heal. Its a good job i did not start to do the excercises the dr gave me otherwise i could have more damage than i have now rant over thanks for listening phew that feels better x

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Have you spoken to your doctor informing him/her that you have a dislocated jaw?

Your doctor should have sent you for an xray - thankfully your dentist did the right thing.

I wonder whether your confidence in your doctor has been affected.

I wish you a pain free recovery.

With good wishes,



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