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Ooooo and What's This?

Ooooo and What's This?

Finally got my appointment through for immunology 1ST SEPTEMBER!!!

in the meantime and partially because of my frustration my physio has re referred me to Rheumy, this time in Doncaster, and GP has referred me to Neurology because of some symptoms that were starting to concern him. Went to GP this morning to check on this and found out that once again I am looking at a 28 week wait. Having examined me GP was worried this will prove to be a bit too long as my neurological symptoms are rapidly getting worse. So much so that he is voicing his concerns directly and asked me if I could consider a private consultation to speed things up, he has also given me BETAHISTINE DIHYDROCHLORIDE to try to calm down my rapidly worsening Vertigo. I have enquired through my OCHY Health regarding the private consultation.

In the meantime after my missus got home to establish how I got on at GP she suddenly asked what was wrong with the back of my leg (please see attached pic)........has anyone got any ideas what this can be it seems to have come up in the course of the day.

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The waiting time is unacceptable in the NHS. To turn round and ask you to go privately is also outrageous. Fine if your employers covers you, but what about ordinary people? Recently, in the British Medical Journal, a doctor was arguing that private medicine is unethical.

RE: your bruising. Are you taking aspirin or blood thinners? Do you have any rashes?

Take photos with dates and record all symptoms.

You really need to see experts - like those at St Thomas' Hospital, London. I know I keep writing this, but not all rheumatologists are expert in SLE (and I am not making any diagnosis) but given the range and diversity of symptoms, you need experts which you will get at Tommies.

Be well!



My practice will not fund an out of area consultation before I have been to the immunologist believe me I have and continue to press. As for blood thinners the answer is no. I have the usual start of a sun rash on my arms and neck but managing to stay out of the sun fairly well so far (touch wood)


May I ask where you live? I am really sorry Adrian. I understand how frustrating this must be for you and your wife.

Take photos of your rash!



don't be too concerned about the frustration despite the gradual degradation of my faculties I remain still well equipped with dealing with it


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