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Strip lights and lupus - coincidence or not

Hi, I was diagnosed with DLE in 2004/5, I was working in retail and the only lighting was big strip lights. Changed jobs and was fine til Oct last year, started working in retail in April last year. Completely different rash - not my face this time - torso mainly and a lot worse, referred back to dermatology and doctor took one look and said SLE. I asked about lighting but he isn't convinced, I think it is too much of a coincidence after reading what I could find, does anyone have any help/advice/clues?

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I have SLE and have not worked under strip lighting so I do not think it would actually cause the disorder but since the Sun can cause a rash if you have the disorder I would think that certain lighting could possibly cauze a breakout.

I have learned many things can cause a flare-up.


There is vidence to show that strip lights using UV can be harmful to people-affected-by-lupus. This includes rashes and symptoms such as fatigue or feeling unwell.ort with our own counsellor/psychotherapist available.

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i also have the rash all over my face and torso.i have been told that the Sun is not good for people like us and to stay out of direct sunlight. but i myself find that in the Sumer the rash on my face fades considerable???


I am very new to this... So please be patient with me ... Lolx

Hello....Pauline .... I to have suffered with DLE since 2005. I have also been in retail for as many years! I have just had to give up my job of 6 yrs, due to a huge flair .... It can be triggered by Strip lighting , as this gives off uv...x

I found I was always tired... Got headaches and felt generally unwell.

I steer clear of sunlight, wearing sun hats, and dark glasses where possible. Wear 50spf sunblock, everyday! I only get the rash..(Discoid) , on my exposed areas.

In all the years , I have never had it on my torso of legs, as they are covered....

If you have other symptoms of SLE... You should be under a rumy....!

I have been told, we DLE sufferers can go over to SLE side.... Only time and tests will tell.... I am getting very mild symptoms isf SLE, but I have no ANA antibodies showing. So they keep saying I haven't got SLE...?

What meds are you taking!!???i wish you well in the future... X


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