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my ANA tests came back i dont even know what it means, im just sick of the test being fine but my body feeling like crap

My ana Tests came back and im confused all my other blood work was normal but a few wbc

any way my Ana testes were

ANTI-SSDNA = My value 245 Std Range <=90 ( negative 0-98) (Equivocal 99-200)


SSA (RO) = VALUE= 0 RANGE= 0-90

ANTI -SSB = VALUE = 0 RANGE = 0-72



i have pain in all of my joints, no sign of swelling i dont think but have alot of popping , i get a weird numb feeling in arms and feet/ legs (almost like its asleep) i have swollen lymph nodes, rash on chest cheeks and across nose. also im extremely tired. i was diagnosed with raynods a few years ago.

Its just so frustrating and confusing my ESR test was normal, rbc, k, all those tests were normal. my wbc was a little low and a few others were right on the dot normal on the low side. so things are just not making since. im starting to just give up and say its in my head get over myself. BUT IM IN PAIN and im sick of it. I really dont care if i cant find the right treatment right away i just want an answer what it is. fighting this for 8 years now. finely had a blood test last year and everything was normal and i was told its growing pains. well im sorry but i am 20 years old ( 19 at the time ) its not growing pains, if it is then its not working.I have been 5.1 for a long time.

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Dear kkgirl,

I realise this is not helpful, but you are not alone in having "negative" or "normal" blood tests. By themselves, blood tests do not diagnose lupus. If you are interested, you can read a paper called: Is it lupus? The St Thomas' 'Alternative Criteria"" written by Dr Graham RV Hughes, who was Head of the Lupus Unit at St Thomas' Hospital, London. This paper is meant to help doctors diagnose lupus.

You can find this paper at the LuPUS Message Board.

It is doubtful that your symptoms are "all in the mind" but this is what you feel other people are saying because they do not know what is going on in your body. Lupus is called "A Disease of 1000 Faces" because it can mimic virtually any disease and unless you have classic symptoms such as positive ANA, a malar rash and lupus nephritis (which the majority do not), it takes an expert to recognise the symptoms. Even then, the doctor may not diagnose but they watch and wait to see what symptoms develop. This does not mean your symptoms should not be treated. Many people have had to wait years for a diagnosis because as Dr Hughes says, unless a doctor is looking for lupus, they will miss the symptoms.

So you have also be told it's "growing pains"?! Rubbish! Growth in children occurs while sleeping! Moreover, children would be screaming all night, every night! It is nonsense to tell you this is growing pains!

Are you seeing a specialist in lupus?

One of the things that may help you deal with your situation is to talk to others who also have had to struggle for a diagnosis or are "sero-negative" which is the name given to people with lupus but who have "normal" or unremarkable blood tests at the LuPUS Message Board. If you have not registered, do so and introduce yourselves. Registration is free - just make sure you use the following format for your date of birth: nn-nn-nnnn where n=number. Use the "-" separator (without the quotes) and not "/" or anything else.

Any problems, email me at roz [at] [lupus-support] [dot] [org] [dot] [uk]

Be well!



Hello, I'am 25 and a year ago I started with all of the same sympthoms, I felt so tired in the morning, in the afternoon, at night, everytime I felt like that, also my joints in my fingers hurt, I felt random numbness, sometimes dizzynes, and I was constantly sick of tyfo, thats what the results always said, super positive tyfo and everytime I got antibiotics, but it was every month for a year, then I decided to go to get another doctor's opinion because my eating habits are not that bad enough to get tyfo all my life, so they run these same tests on me and they appeared normal, they told me everything was fine, but I didn't feel fine, so I went to a reumatologist and she noticed that all of my tests that they ran that entire year and a recent one, the antinuclear antibodies stated positive, and I also have reynuad's so the doctor diagnosed lupus, and now I'am taking my medicine, but I still feel like you I don't believe I have lupus, but I feel horrible.


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