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Hi I have been diagnosed with lupus about a year n a half ago but I dnt really understand it I never had a rash but always in pain :/

I cope ok most of the time but this last few days I feel awfull like I cnt get of the sofa I work as a care assistant and I think its because iv had 3 long busy days is this a flare up?? I have work tomorrow again and I no I wnt be able to do 12 hours any body any tips for me pls

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Dear Irishgirl13,

My first thought is whether you are seeing a lupus specialist and if so, perhaps you need to see your doctor. Blood tests may or may not show you are having a flare. More importantly, you know your body and how it works and if you are struggling physically, it sounds to me that at the very least you need to see your GP and if necessary, be signed off from work until you recover.

As you are a care assistant, you have a very demanding job, physically and mentally. In order to care for someone else, you must care for yourself first.

If you need to talk more, join the LuPUS Message Board where we can talk more privately.

Be well!



Dear Irish Girl, you do seem to be doing far too much-even a healthy person would find it daunting. A rash is not always seen in lupus, but as so many conditions can mimic lupus I would be keen to know more about your diagnosis. As Ros says, joining the Lupus Message Board which Ros set up would be a good way forward.



irisgirl13 i have the same thing I also had lupus for about a year now. I feel pain all over my body and I am tried. my doctor is going to do a plan and exercise sheet with me. you should try it too.


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