1 year anniversary

Well its been a year this week since I had my surgery. This time last year I could not help but feel doom and gloom. I sat down to plan my sons future, things like who would take care of him, a bank account for his future etc etc. I still worry about the future but there has been no major concerns healthwise. So for the present I am looking forward to the future and trying to enjoy each new day. I know it sounds corny but until you have been through or are going through something like this you don't appreiciate how special life is. I am really grateful to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation for being there with there site, reading other peoples stories was and still is a fantastic wealth of support for me.


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8 Replies

  • Happy anniversary loopyloo and glad to hear that reading other people's stories has been a support to you. I'm sure your story will also be very inspiring to others as well.

  • Hi. A year's a big anniversary. Keep it up. I think I felt the first year was the most difficult, and after that, I could see light. It's a struggle all the way, but worth fighting for. Roll on - second anniversary. :) Bill

  • Hi loopyloo,

    Its a pleasure to meet you,congratulations on your first "anniversary".I have just celebrated my third on the 14th Oct.My life was turned upside down when I was told I had Lung Cancer,and it did take some time for my jangled nerves to settle,but with the passage of time and the support of friends and relatives,not forgetting here I began to feel I have a future.I met up with Robert Lowe on this site,if you have'nt read his story yet,I can recommend it,there are other survivor stories here if ever you are feeling a wee bit down these are worth referring to.My very best wishes to you,and your son,for a long, healthy and happy future.

  • thanks for all the support everyone it is really appreiciated : )xx

  • Congratulayions on your 'anniversary' and here's to many more!

    Lyn xxx

  • Here are my congratulations too, it is wonderful to have the opportunity to speak to you and and everyone who contributes to the blogs, especially at the times we can celebrate such good news. I hope you are going to celebrate in grand style with your family and spoil yourself also, enjoy your selves. Take care.

  • Congrats on your first anniversary of many! I KNOW exactly how everyone feels as i have lung cancer also. I too am celebrating my first year of being diagnosed. It helps a lot to read all the positive notes here.

    I am feeling pretty good. I have been in remission since last Feb when i finished my treatments.

    I am so happy for you Loopyloo! Keep up the great work!!

  • I think sites like this and the roy castle lung cancer foundation offered me a massive amount of support and helped me to remain positive. They have made my journey so much easier and even though I have never met any of the people from these sites, I felt they was at my side every step of the way.

    I am also very happy for you and trust you are keeping well xx

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