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Olympic Torch Nominee!

I had notification today that I have been nominated to carry the Olympic torch!

The nomination comes from one of the theatre sisters at the John Radcliffe Hospital where I had been working when I found out that I had lung cancer. I didn't realise I had made such an impression on them as I had only been there 5 months.

I am really touched and very excited, I don't for one minute think I'll be picked but anyone who knows me knows how much I love the athletics on TV - I never miss any meeting and have been watching the olympics since Olga Korbut won all those medals in the Munich Olympics of 1972! I always cry with emotion when anyone wins a medal (I just think of how proud they are and their country). I have never been any good myself, only ever winning the 'thread the needle' race at junior shcool purely because I was good at sewing lol.

Keep your fingers crossed folks, perhaps this can be a way of raising awareness! X

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That is fantastic news! Well done. :)



Hi Lyn

lets get the thread and needle race into the competition and get another gold medal for Britain....seriously it is a great honour and lovely that your colleagues have done this for you, i really hope to see you carrying the torch and as you say it might be an opportunity to raise awareness, let me know if there is anything we can do at Roy Castle to help? :)


keeping my fingers crossed for you lynba xx


Just to echo what alan and Bill have already said, this is fantastic. Well done Lyn, you are obviously held in great esteem by your friends. Good luck Lyn, speak to you soon, Joanna.


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