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Still scared as usual

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Off in morning flu/covid booster. Had chemo and immunotherapy last Thurs a. Big bit weary of it 😱

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Hi Margaret hope the vacinations went well and your treatment is going well xxx

It's good to get vaccinated, well done, you are doing the right thing.

Best wishes,

All the support team at the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation support helpline.

Hi red58,I finished my immunotherapy a year ago. I was on Nivolumab for mastastic melanoma. I did not have very many side effects. Tired for a day and occasionally nausea for which I took cetrizine. Towards the end I started getting very itchy skin rashes. The doctors tried lots of things that didn't work. Now referred to dermatology who put me on a long course of prednisolone steroids to suppress my immune system. I am also having phototherapy for the rashes. I'm doing great now. I hope the itch doesn't come back when I am off steroids. My last two scans have also been clear.

Wishing you well.

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Red58 in reply to Begonia13

That great glad hear it but good news 👍

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