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Persistent cough


End of February removal of tumour upper right lobe at guy's hosp everything OK except persistent cough some days worse than others any remedies for this

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Hi Doppydan, When I had my right lung removed over 8 years ago now; I had a very annoying cough. The hospital prescribed me some carboceisteine tablets which help loosen any mucus I had. Plus drink plenty of water which also helps. :)

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Thanks for reply I will ask GP for details of the tablets


Dear Doppydan

Sorry to hear you have a persistent cough, which can be present after lung surgery.

This link is to our booklet on managing lung cancer symptoms, on page 19 there is a section on coughs:

You may wish to try drinking warm honey and water to ease this or ask your GP /pharmacist for a cough suppressant.

This link is our booklet on lung surgery:

Hope you find some relief soon as it must be a nuisance for you.

If you are bringing up any spit and the colour becomes, yellow, green or blood, let your GP know to rule out any infection.

If you wish to discuss anything you can either email us at or call our freephone nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

Thanks for your reply and Avice

a cough post surgery is common but this does seem to have gone on for some time. may be worth your doctor checking you don't have an infection of some sort.... I found having regular hot drinks and sucking 'soothers' cough sweets helped lubricate my throat.

I do this any time I get a chest infection as tonsils were removed aged 3 so infections tend to settle on my chest. my lobectomy (upper left lobe) was Dec 2010 and I was back at work Feb 2011 and swimming by March 2011. keep as active as you can - move about - although seems counterintuitive, the more you move, the more any gunk can loosen. I find swimming good (when not in lockdown) and alternate between front and back strokes as remember seeing a film about cystic fibrosis when in my 20s (climb Ben Nevis for them) and the need to physically move the gunk off the lungs so figure the movement helps loosen anything. cough is the body's reflex action of trying to get rid of something - an irritation of some sort. Walk or take the stairs wherever you can however slowly, it's better for the lungs than sitting/lying around. good luck with your recovery

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Thanks for your helpful advice janetteR57

Hi. I had a Thoracotomy to remove the upper right lobe at Guy's too. I developed a persistent cough about 5 months post surgery. No infection was found but the middle lobe had closed up a little causing irritation. (I had Chemoradiation prior to surgery which also causes irritation.) I was prescribed Carbocisteine to help bring up mucous and that has really helped with the cough. I also saw one of the specialist oncology physios who gave me some exercises and breathing techniques which I try and do every day.! You can contact them yourself for advice and they will ring you back. I would tell your Oncologist about the cough at your next appointment, in the meantime it's worth visiting your GP to rule out any infection. I do drink continuously throughout the day as well. Good,luck with your recovery Doppydan.

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Thanks for the reply and useful advice and information