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Lung needle biopsy

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after 2 ct scans and a MRE SCAN and a pet scan ..was told that i needed a lung guided needle biopsy so I can kno for sure if cancer ,the person who was gonna do this takes the ct pics before and etc ..comes back out and tells me that this isn't measuring same as all the other test/ scans were showing so im like ok did it shrink .I have no answer till I call dr tomorrow..i do kno he told me dr wanted to monitor it so I'll have another ct scan in 6 weeks to check for changes .has this ever happened to anyone else ??

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Hi Likeastone1972

You will probably by now have the results of your tests. Repeating the scan in six weeks will enable the doctors to compare the scans and discuss with you if any other investigations may be needed.If you need to talk to someone please don't hesitate to call the nurse led helpline Freephone : 0800 358 7200

Kind regards,,

All the team at the Roy Castle Helpline.

Thank you

I went through loads of tests cause of shadow on lung. Nothing showed cancer but they still thought it could be early cancer.They said doing a needle ct guided biopsy wouldnt be much good as it might not hit the right spot and still not give answers so they decided to take half my upper left love away which i had operation 7 weeks ago

. Ive sinse been for my results as they sent that lung away and its turned out not cancer but inflammation. This went on from feb 2018 right through to now... My scar has had infection and im still going nurse for dressings but i am otherwise doing well and havent really missed having only half of left lung. So i guess all in all im lucky.

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