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NHS patients 'will pay under health bill'

Patients will have to pay for treatment that is currently free on the NHS under the Government's health bill, a leading academic has claimed. Allyson Pollock, professor of public health at Barts and The London School of Medicine and Dentistry, said the Health and Social Care Bill had "a hidden purpose" which amounted to privatizing health services in Britain. Writing in The Lancet, she argued that ministers were intent on creating "a system that permits alternative funding sources for services currently provided free as part of the NHS". She said the "heart" of the Bill, currently being debated in the Lords, was "to introduce a mixed financing system and to abolish the model of tax-financed universal health care on which the NHS is based". Prof Pollock has consistently argued that the Bill will abolish the duty of the Health Secretary to provide a universal healthcare system free at the point of use.

The disruptive impact that the government's reform plans will have on health service staff. As the health and social care bill continues its troubled journey through parliament, a PCT director comments on the experience of working in the NHS over the past 18 months.




Thanks to ‘restructuring’. All of our local lung nurse specialists have now been moved to another hospital and can no longer attend our groups meetings.


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