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Just looking for some help thanks

Hi im very worried aboit my lungs i am 18 and just recently gave up vaping after vaping for almost a year and a half have a cough that just wont seem to go away amd chest pain here ans there went to the dpctors and was told i had asthma and a lung infection but almoat a week later on prednisone have some chest pain and a cough.

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Hi Joseph, you probably still have an infection. I would ho back to your doctor you may be need an antibiotic to clear it. ☺x


Hi Joseph23,

Jillygirl has given you some good advice.You should make an appointment to see your GP.As you said you have a lung infection It might be you need an antibiotic if it is not a viral infection(you don't normally receive antibiotics for viral infections).The GP will have assess your response to the prednisolone and decide how best to manage your symptoms. Your asthma will be monitored and no doubt you will have some further tests to assess your lung function.

If you don't manage to get an appointment with your GP you could speak to your practice nurse(they often run asthma clinics in the surgery).Hopefully you will feel better soon.

Kind regards,

All the team at the Roy Castle Helpline.


Hi Joseph, well done on giving up the vaping and wanting to look after your lungs. As others have suggested, the pain and cough are likely to be the infection - it can take a few weeks to recover from bad chest infections. hope you can manage to look after your lungs and general health as a result of this scare when recovered from your infection. as my consultant advised me after losing half my lung some years ago, recovery is in your hands - the more you do, the more your lung capacity will increase to help your recovery. good luck.


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