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Re John's wife .... (I'm new)

In June 2015 I was diagnosed with pleural and pulmonary cancers; after going to my GP for over two years with the classic symptoms, I went to a different GP who took me seriously the X-ray revealed a “shadow” on the lung. By that time it was a serious matter.

It was advanced cancer that had metastasised from the breast cancer. The adenocarcinoma is a colloidal/mucous coated cancer. I have a pulmonary cancer and also many small plural cancers over the upper lobes. At the original diagnosis the consultant even asked if I wanted treating. I was appalled. It transpired that the pulmonary department knew nothing about breast cancers and transferred me to the breast cancer unit.

My main difficulties are lack of energy along with susceptibility to lung infections. I was a very keen gardener but now I can only do small tasks of up to to twenty minutes duration. I have managed to keep my charity work going. I have learned to listen to my body and take rests to recharge.

My original excellent oncologist retired and her replacement who was good, took maternity leave and in the interim time I have had a series of locum oncologists non of whom it would appear have been truly dedicated. I had a programme set out by my original oncologist and no one seems to have given it any consideration. It has been a distressing time and I am considering asking for a second opinion.

I try to keep up-beat and do as much as I can considering the advanced disease.

Cup half full!


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Welcome John's wife! Looks as if you've had a poor experience but glad your care was good to the point the locums took over. Have you raised it with the clinical director at the Trust or told them you are unhappy with the deteriorating level of care/service? Unfortunately susceptibility to chest infections is common with those of us with respiratory illness history as well as suppressed immune systems. (result of illness and medications/treatments). Well done on keeping the charity work going. Trying to keep 'normal' life as much as possible can be a great help. Good to listen to the body and heed its warnings - taking rest when needed.

Good luck and suggest you escalate it with the hospital concerned and then seek help elsewhere… best wishes


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