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GemCarbo Side Effects

Hi all,

I had my right upper lobe removed in February. I've recovered well and am due to start chemo with GemCarbon on Friday, the first of four cycles.

I know everyone reacts differently and the side effects can be varied (the diarrhoea and constipation sounds alarming!) but can anyone else tell me when the nausea/sickness kicks in? Is it when you're actually having the chemo or is it afterwards?

Also, I've been told my hair will probably thin and break, but I'm unlikely to lose it completely. Can anyone recommend a website for suitable headwear (bandanas etc) at a reasonable price?

Best wishes to all.

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Sorry, GemCarbo.


Hi there Frobishers wigs co uk. They are based in Ipswich and are now online. I got my wig from there for my wedding so was expensive for me but I think they were Vat free! You will need to check but they have all the head scarves and accesories too. I bought some online too. There are a few web sites if you Google.

Regarding sickness I was on the same mixture and I wasn't sick at all but you should be given the anti- sickness tablets as well just in case.I think I took mine incase but and may have had a bit of nausea at home but not during the treatment but as you say everyone is different. I had nothing to speak of on this mixture.

I wish you all the best for your treatment and keep in touch.

Best wishes



Dear SAH1

Welcome to the forum where you will find lots of valuable personal experience like Hoggy's reply. I have placed a few useful links below on the management of side effects and what to expect: You will probably be given medication to counteract nausea, which can be quite effective. Perhaps discuss with the chemotherapy team the potential side effects that are causing you the most concern.

As you are aware of , everyone reacts differently and it also depends on the dose being administered.

We have lots of information on our website roycastle.org and the following links will take you directly to the chemotherapy page. The macmillan link will be specific for GemCarbon.




If you wish to discuss anything you can call us on our free nurse led helpline number on

0800 358 7200

All the best

The Roy Castle Support Team


Thanks for the replies. Hoggy, we've a wig shop fairly locally in Lakeside, I will pay them a visit. I order most things online but I think wigs probably need to be tried on. I've ordered a couple of headscarves. I'd just spent the last year before diagnosis allowing myself to go grey gracefully, wouldn't have bothered if I'd have known this was coming,could have done it in one fell swoop:). My Aunt has quite a few wigs, so I may also visit her for a mass try-on! My daughter used to do 'alternative' modelling (not as bad as it sounds, gothic clothes etc) and has a fair selection. They are definitely only for the young, the Daenarys wig (Game of Thrones) made me look like Mother Addams. All good for a laugh though.

I suppose it's just a case of seeing how it affects me. This might sound daft, but apart from the first couple of weeks after the operation I've not felt ill at all and I've found it a bit difficult not being able to plan anything beyond this Friday. Still, I suppose if I can worry about little things like that things can't be too bad.

I'll keep you updated. Take care.

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Hi, I started this 2 weeks ago, days 1,2 were good, tired days 3,4 & a bit queasy, nothing major. Had day 8 wed & so far so good. Drink plenty of water to flush your system. Take it easy & listen to your body. Good luck


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