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fit-to-fly' test which simulates flying conditions

Last week i had a fit-to-fly' test which simulates flying conditions to see whether or not supplemental oxygen will be needed, i passed the test with a Blood/oxygen average level of 88 while on the test with a mask on for 15 minutes, at normal sea level at rest i am at 92-93. i was so pleased to hear this , i am away next week on a 1.5 hour flight, thought i would just let people know about this test and of course my result :)

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Fantastic news for you Guy. You must be really pleased. I have never heard of this fit to fly test. Would you know if it applies to oedema in the brain?

Best wishes


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HI Hoggy

Thanks for replie, sorry I cannot answer your replie regarding your condition, my condition is lung problem COPD and recently part of left lung removed, so I struggle with breathlessness, and I needed to know if I had enough oxygen onboard a flight.

Thanks Guy


Well done Guy and thanks for sharing your results with us.I hope you have a lovely holiday.

Best wishes,

All the team at the Roy Castle Helpline

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I am concerned about flying with my lung cancer and have not heard of this test before. Please can you give some information on where you had it done and how you found out about it.




HI Jeanne

I asked my local hospital, in Norwich, my oncologist doctor referred me,

I was ok in flight I done tests in flight I dropped to 80 at 28,000 feet blood oxygen level , on the ground I am 92 at rest



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