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CT Scan result time?

Hi All,

My mum is having a CT scan today to find out what is causing her change in cough for the last 4-5 months. She's a smoker. Giving up in the new year thank god.

Her chest x-ray was clear, and so terrified there find something sinister on the CT scan :(

How long is the wait for the results roughly?!

Thank you, hope you all had a lovely Christmas!

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Hi Jodie, hope you well. How did your Mums Chest x ray go today? Been thinking about you guys ...


Hi my husband has had many ct scans and it has taken roughly two weeks to get the results from the consultant. Good luck and hope everything goes well for your mum and her family. Hope 2017 brings lots of good health and happiness. Best wishes xx


Hi Jodie, on past experience it takes about 2 weeks for ct results to come through.

By the way Mum may find Quit support community (roy castle) useful to help her quit smoking.

Love to mum. and happy new year. :) xx


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