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Ct scans

Hi all just after some advice of possible. I don't have a diagnosis but for the last few month have been dealing with breathing problems but more so upper right back pain and neck. I have had a ct scan which was clear and a hrct which found subtle ground glass oppacities In both upper lobes, resp specialist not to worried and has put me on short course of steroids and follow up in 3 months but I'm feeling worse as the weeks pass. My question There was lung cancers would it have been detected on the ct scans?

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Yes it probably would. Indeed it would probably have been commented on if there was a suspicion of lung cancer.You will be monitored by the specialist and scans will probably be repeated in the future. In the meantime if you are feeling worse please make an appointment to discuss your concerns with your GP. He/She can assess the effectiveness of the steroids and may prescribe something to relieve the pain.

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