Has cancer come back

Haven't wrote on here for some time .my husband who had part off lung removed and didn't want chemo after .his 71 .his had quite a few chest infections .but for the last 4 weeks his had quite a bad one he was given antibiotics. But it didn't get rid off it so had a exray which they said they could see something on it they said they think it's consolidation off infection so was given 2 lots off antibiotics to take togeather he was coughing up blood then what he was coughing up turned orenge so they gave him another 2 lots off antibiotics to take together .he sees consoltant Thursday do you think the cancer is back. Carol

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  • Hi Carol,

    Sorry to read about your husband coughing up blood ect.It would be wrong for anyone on here to tell you that if the cancer had returned or not.I know how hard the waiting till Thursday will be for you both,as you are thinking about your appointment all the time and your imagination can run riot.Tell us what happens on Thursday. Best wishes .


  • Thanks will do carol

  • Hi Carol,

    It will be important to let the Consultant know which antibiotics your husband has taken in the past and how long he took them for.He may arrange some tests and may also review his chest x rays.

    Kind regards

  • Thank you he has had ct scan today and seeing oncologist tomorrow. So hopefully worrying for nothing. carol

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