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Brain Mets continued

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I posted about my mum last month, she had some peripheral neuropathy. Recently she has developed headaches and occasional nausea. She had her mri scan today at 1.40 pm and left the hospital at 2.30 pm. At 2.55pm the hospital rang to say an appointment has been made for her tomorrow and she must get someone else to drive her as they recommend she doesn't drive. My mum said why is it bad news and the nurse said oh no its just we recommend that people with headache and nausea don't drive. Can mri results be assessed that quickly?!?! I'm feel heart broken, she'd been doing so well x

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Hi Em16780

As far as I know they can see the results instantly on a monitor when someone is in the scanner but would need it to be interpreted by a doctor for the results. Also there may be a cancellation so your mum can be seen the next day. I know its worrying but it is good to be seen earlier.

Best wishes and let us know how you get on.


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em16780 in reply to hedgehoggy

Thanks Hoggy, you're right it is good to be seen earlier. I think its because we only lost my nan last march to terminal cancer and she went in to her follow up appointment oblivious to the possibility of cancer. Was then told it was everywhere and she only survived 5 weeks. Bringing all those emotions up. Is there a point with brain Mets that they say no treatment is possible? X

My MRI results took 2. Days I think..Dr had them by then..good luck. M M

My husband has brain metastases and had whole brain radiotherapy three

Months ago. He is not feeling too bad and they put him on Dexamethasone which helps with the headaches. He has started with a few headaches again so having an MRI soon. They have never said to him that they will

not treat him again, so try not to worry, easier said than done

I know!

As Hoggy said, it's really good they are seeing her so quickly. I was also very afraid when they told us that my Daryl had brain mets but he had his radiotherapy very quickly ( within 3 days) and they have managed his symptoms well with steroids. Please let us know how

Your mum gets on.

Rachel xx

Hopefully the news isnt bad and they just want to put your minds at ease.

My husband had brain mets. He was put forward for gamma knife treatment rather than whole of brain radiation. We attended the appointment to get booked in and the doctors at the Royal Hallamshire were very upbeat and positive that they could treat the mets - and would be able to treat further mets as and when they appeared.

Sadly my husbands cancer was just so extraordinarily aggressive that he didn't make it to the gamma knife treatment but had he survived long enough we were confident of great results for him.

Good luck with the appointment and I hope it's good news


Thank you everyone, the appointment is at one. What's concerned me is that if it was treatable then surely a treatment plan would have to discussed at an mdt meeting and they're held on a Tuesday here. Afraid they will say nothing can be done. Will just have to sit tight and keep everything crossed. So sorry to hear your husband lost his fight Netty, cancer is so unpredictable. I hope your husband continues to do well Rachel, Thank you again xxx

MRI results can be assessed quickly.It may well be that the medical staff feel that it would be beneficial to see your mum ASAP in order to help manage her troublesome symptoms.It is good advice not to drive as her concentration may not be good if she is experiencing headaches.

Best wishes,

Hi all, not good news😢. My mum has a 2cm tumour in her left temporal lobe with a lot of swelling around it. She has been put on steroids. They weren't positive at all, there were changes to her lung at ct scan in January, a new 4mm nodule. They have scheduled another ct on Monday. If the new 4mm nodule has grown or if there is any other spread they will only offer chemo which may give her a few extra months. They said we are looking at 6-12 months. They said if no change they may be able to offer stereotactic radiotherapy. We are all devastated xx

So sorry for your news....i lost my 45 yr old wife nearly a year ago to this awful disease...she had brain mets which was treated but to no avail.....i wish i knew what to say...but i don't....try and make each day count with your mum...thinking of you xx

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em16780 in reply to jonnyd01

Thank you Jonny, there are no words. My mum is 59, she is my best friend, we spend every single day together. I'm so scared xx

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em16780 in reply to em16780

I'm so sorry you lost your wife to this unrelenting disease. We lost my nan a year ago to liver cancer, she was 83, even though I miss her dreadfully she'd had a good life but it's so devastating to lose someone young xx

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jonnyd01 in reply to em16780

Thank you....This disease leaves a trail of grief,hurt, destruction etc etc I hope you got through today somehow and there was a glimmer of good are both in my thoughts xx

Hi Jonny, thank you for your kindness. Its been unbelievably painful the last few days. We had scan on Monday night then had to go in today for results. When we arrived the ct report hadn't been done but the Dr had seen the images. The lung looked stable with no other spread so now she was thinking my mum could gave stereotactic radiotherapy to her brain met. She said with caution as she may have missed something but just had phone call saying report confirms my mums lung is stable and is now being referred for the radiation. I can't believe how quickly things can go from stable to devastating and then back to treatable x

Im so glad you had some positive news.....i hope your mums treatment is going ok and its so true with this disease you truly go through every emotion possible again and again xx

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em16780 in reply to jonnyd01

My mum has had the mask fitting plus mri and ct scan ready for her treatment. The planning takes 2-3 weeks so we are just waiting for a date. They will do another scan in 2 months to see how the tumour has responded. Also in that time my mum will have her 3 month ct to check the lung and other organs........... X

Hello Emma,

Just reading your post about mum. Yes it's natural to worry but this way everything can be explained and sooner is better. You sound very in charge if it all, I wish you and your Mom good news today, we are all thinking of her. 


Hi Emma...tell you mum the mask looks a lot worse than it wife asked for the eyes to be cut out so she could see what was going on...which they did....and the wife was in and out in a little over 5 mins..   Best Wishes .John xx

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