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shoulder pain

i have been diagnosed with c.o.p.d 3 yr ago ......but i now have neck shoulder and upper back pain to the left .and is made 10 times worse when i lay down ...so much so that my doctor has put me on morphine .and said if no better after a week to come back ,...i go back tomorrow ,she said i will probably need a scan the back pain has died down but the shoulder and arm are still painful when i lie down ....i am worried ....

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Just wanted to wish you good luck Bessymax. I will be keeping my fingers crossed that it's something and nothing. When my husbands shoulder pain was being investigated our first port of call was an xray which gave us results back at the doctors within 2 days and an idea of the problem. That was followed by a CT scan which took about 10 days or so for an appointment if I remember correctly.

Keep in touch! Regards



Hi bessymax,

Sorry to read that you are in so much pain.I would try my hardest to have a scan booked when you see your doctor today.Be careful over christmas as many doctors surgeries will be shut till Tuesday.Keep us informed,once you know what is causing the pain hopefully you will not be so worried.Best wishes.




You have had some good advice below. There could a number of explanations for your pain, but it is important to have it investigated. It is hard not to worry, but try and focus on getting the testing sorted that will give you answers.

Let us know how you get on,

best wishes


@Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation


Hi Bessymax I have just found out my shoulder and back pain is arthritis. This was diagnosed via a CT Scan and not what I was expecting but it does give me answers to my pain.

Hope you get on ok and keep us updated.

Hugs Elaine xxx

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hi, friends and thank you for your replies...i have a disc in my neck that has caused me problems before, she now think it is a trapped nerve plus my arthritis that is causing the pain, I go for an x-ray tomorrow on my shoulder and lungs, to see if anything has altered plus I have to go to physio, the pain in my back has stopped ....but because of the medication I am now on I can now sleep better,..morphine co-codamol and gabapentin ,so not sure if the medication is masking it ,...but i will see ......i will let you know what happens and thank you ,​

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