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Sir Alex Feguson's cough campaign, did you respond?


Hello all

For the last two years Sir Alex Ferguson has featured on a campaign to raise awareness about lung cancer. We have been asked to see if we can find anyone who has been diagnosed with lung cancer, who took action partly because of the campaign.

if you want to get in touch email us on

You can see the facebook link below

best wishes


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Lung cancer we need to have more raise more awareness about it

Anniecat in reply to dewbery

We also need to make more people aware that its not only a cough that could be lung cancer. I sought medical advice when having unbearable pain in my shoulder blade. I never had a cough

Anne x

dewbery in reply to Anniecat

Ho ture I had that for year before I knew I had it iam still scary as I have the all clear but nothing that my doctor can say that I will not believe it will not come back

Hi I went to my gp repeatedly for 12 months with a cough before I got sent for a chest xray. And diagnosed with lung cancer.


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