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Last one

Hi all, just tolet u all know I'm having my last treatment nxt week on the Atlantic trial at Christies, alls been good no side effects at all, tumour in right lung as not grown since I went on the trial last November and small nodules on both lungs have shrunk, I will be followed up closely, I can also have pickline out nxt week, so hang on in there folks, wishing all well, will keep u posted....

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Sounds like this has worked well for you. Hope you feel good to be reaching this treatment end.

If you feel able to share more of your experience being on a trial do send me a private message and we could use it on our website. It is always useful to share experiences with others going through diagnosis.

best wishes


@Roy Castle


Great news for you, and wishing you all the best 😊


What good news that there was no side effects for you,and that nothing has grown.Thanks for keeping us informed.Best wishes.



That sounds very good news. Best wishes for continued health.

Best wishes



AGood News hope it continues x


Well done. Hope you are at least stable.

I have just finished my Mot for a Trial at Guys.

Hope you are stilling feeling upbeat.



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