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Thank you RCLCF

Sorry if some of you feel this isnt the appropriate place to post this as I know this place is about health and support but I would like to publicly thank RCLCF for their personal response to receiving the money from my beloved husbands funeral collection.

His friends an family raised £642 in his memory.

I was so pleased and heartened to get a hand written card from RCLCF

I was also invited to create a tribute fund in Neils memory which I did. The following day I got a very kind and supportive email from the lady who oversees the tribute funds - it was very apparent that the emails from her were personal and not generic auto response you get from some larger concerns.

Well done RCLCF for keeping that personal touch. So important at this awful time in my life.

Should anyone like to take a look at Neils tribute page please feel free to visit neil.flewers.much

Good luck with your journeys everyone.

Much love to all


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Hi Netty,

It does not seem like 2 months since Neil passed away.Thanks for posting and letting us know that the staff at Roy Castle were so caring.This confirms what I have found when dealing with them.The last few months must have been terrible for you , look after yourself,best wishes.




thank you so much for sharing this post, we appreciate the positive feedback. I have shared this with Emily and Jane who look after these areas of our work.

I hope you are looking after yourself? You looked after Neil so well and am sure his loss is a big hole in your day to day life and your heart. Hope your family and friends are around to help you. We are always here to listen,

thinking of you and many thanks,


@Roy Castle

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