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Appointment with Consultant

Hi, my Stepdad has an appointment with a consultant on Wednesday and has asked me and my husband to attend. Can anyone advise on questions and how to prepare for this appointment. We are both expecting bad news, so perhaps any advice on how to deal with it etc. Not looking forward to it, but it has to be done... Any advice, information will be gratefully received. Thanks in Advance x

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Hi gsh 18,


You don't say if your stepdad has had any tests or scans regarding his condition, so I'm assuming he has at least an X-ray. If so then there will be a few other tests and scans before anything is confirmed. If you click on the link above hopefully it will take you to the Roy Castle website which has loads of information. What I will say is to ask the consultant to send your stepdad a letter after his consultation outlining everything that is discussed at the meeting, or ask to record the meeting on a smartphone. This will save you trying to remember everything whilst your mind is I a whirl.

Good Luck to your stepdad.


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Hi, thanks for the reply. He has had an X-ray, scan, biopsy and lung function test - so it should tell us exactly what's going on!


Hi gsh

Sorry you are finding yourselves in this difficult position right now. I hope that the news you get when your step dad sees his consultant isn't too bad.

When my husband was diagnosed recently our daughter also attended the appointment (in fact she comes to ALL appointments with us as an extra pair of ears never goes amiss). The consultant gave us the diagnosis verbally but also had the specifics written down so we knew exactly what we were dealing with and could refer back to that written information. We were also asked if we would like a copy of the letter he was going to send to my husbands gp. There is a nurse present during our appointments with the consultant and she should remain with you after the consultant has left the room to offer further support and advice. If the news is bad and you are dealing with cancer you will be given telephone numbers and contacts to call with any questions you might have.

It is good that your step dad has asked you to go with him. I can't imagine how difficult it would be to attend these appointments alone.

Wishing you well

Netty x


Hello gsh

If your stepdad is possibly having a diagnosis be honest and accept this could be a tough appointment for all of you. It is great he has you and your hubby as back up. Don't expect to remember all that the consultant says. So if you can't record the meeting, then a letter or written notes might be helpful.

Think about what are the most important things for you and your dad to know. They might be the obvious ones, but perhaps not. You won't get all the answers at once (or be able to process all the information) so make sure you get the contact details of the Lung Cancer Nurse or other staff who would be willing to take follow up calls or arrange a further appointment.

Here are some suggestions from our Answering Your Questions pack, but chose the things that are most helpful to you:

- where is the cancer and what type is it?

- what treatment options do we have?

- what will the treatment involve?

- what do you hope the treatment will do (shrink the cancer/ stop it spreading/ reduce side effects like breathlessness)?

is there anything we can do to keep well/ prepare for treatment?

We can send you a copy of the pack if it would be useful, I hope tomorrow goes okay. If you are not sure about the jargon the doctor uses, do ask him/her to explain, sometimes using a diagram/ picture or scan results can help.

You can call our Freephone helpline on 0333 323 7200 option 2 if you want to chat things through or need any written information,

best wishes


on behalf of the Information & Support team @Roy Castle


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