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Quitting Smoking

Hi Everybody-just wanted to give you a few tips on quitting the evil weed. I stopped 25 years ago and feel qualified to give advice. When I said that I had stopped smoking a friend said 'What have you done? Stitched your lips up?' I was that bad. The book to read is 'The Easy Way to Stop Smoking' by Allen Carr. Brilliant book by brilliant man. Hypnotherapy can also be very useful as it will get the subconscious on board with your conscience desire to stop smoking. The subconscious is the monkey on your shoulder who keeps whispering in your ear that you will feel better if you have a fag. You have to turn off his evil blandishments. I also found nicotine substitutes very useful. Despite all the advice against it, I used all the three methods together. It worked for me.

Imagine how chagrined I was to find out that I had lung cancer-but was told that it is not the type connected with smoking. That's another story for a different day.

If I can stop smoking anybody can. I was a hard case.

You can do it-just one day at a time.

Good Luck.


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Hello scared lady Your post reminds me of myself. I too quit , but ended up with lung cancer. I now am a voluntary administrator on the Quit support community. Many members have read the Allen Carrs book too. It doesnt matter what you use to help you stop smoking as long as it works. Thanks for posting your information.


Hello Laura, I have never smoked like many other lung cancer sufferers. I use to get cross with people who would assume that I had been a smoker. I still get people asking if I smoked. It puzzles me how my elder sister and others can smoke like a chimney and they don't get anything wrong, it's just not fare. I always ate sensibly. I carry this rare gene so I'm told, think they call it a rogue gene.

Thanks for the info.


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