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PICC Line experiences

After the nurses took 6 attempts to get a butterfly Canula into an arm preparatory to my 1st Chemo treatment, the decision was taken to fit me with a PICC line for future treatments.

Would appreciate any personal information from people who have had one fitted . Does seem as though it willl reduce quality of life even more if only for the reason we won't be able to go away for week long breaks or greater, due to the requirement for weekly checks.

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Ite put in ur atm under axray I ad no problems withine and it was flushed through the day of chemo to ensure it'd not blocked


i had one no problems ,a lot better than being used as a pin cushion and then getting nowhere

bit uncomfortable when taken out ,


Hi Topgun,

As a nurse having worked in an Oncology department, many patients were referred for PICC lines to reduce the trauma of repeated cannulation. As long as the Picc line is correctly maintained by the nursing staff, i.e flushed after use (to prevent blockages) and with an aseptic technique,( to prevent infection) it should make life a little bit easier. I know it must be difficult trying to live around hospital appointments, so you will need to weigh up which option would be most suitable to you.

Best wishes, Beth,

On behalf of information and support.


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