Quote on the benefit of radiotherapy to the brain for lung cancer spread needed for new lung cancer information booklet

Hi there. We are currently developing a new information pack for people with lung cancer and their carers. We would like to include a quote for someone who has been affected by lung cancer which has spread to the brain and had radiotherapy treatment which helped. If you can help we are just looking to two short sentences on how radiotherapy treatment for brain mets helped either you or your loved one. Many thanks, Jennifer

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  • My partner has lung cancer which has spread to the brain he has had 6 lots of chemo which has worked to reduce the tumour in the lung he has now been told he will be having 2 lots of radiotherapy on his brain sometime in the next fortnight if u want a comment after he's had it I would be happy to give it how has anyone else benefited from radio xx

  • That would be a great help. Many thanks

  • good shrinkage to the mets and allowed my mom 6 months over symptom free life, but then she was hit by seizures, loss of speech and loss of mobility and independence. Sorry to not be as positive but the treatment has side effects that do not present themselves until months after the treatment. I think you need to make your information back realistic rather than just add how it helps.

  • My wife had 10 lots of radio to the brain......side effects apart from hair loss were started getting panic attacks,had a struggle to say the the right word in a conversation...she knew it but had to take her time for it to come out.....and couldn't be overloaded with info as she couldn't process it.......but i couldn't be sure if theses were side effects or the mets..........could have been a lot worse.

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