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Newby here seeking advice please.

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Just been delisted for lung transplant (IPF) by the Harefield as my heart maybe too weak to withstand operation.

Looking through medical notes i have, for the first time seen a radiologist report stating “volume mediastinal lymph nodes measuring 10mm short axis in the subcarinal location”.

This was in June 2000 but no one has mentioned it to me or carried out any further investigations.

Should i be worried?

Thank you,

Mr B.

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So sorry no one responded earlier.

There are things besides cancer that can cause a lymph node to enlarge. If you’d had a chest infection, exposure to chemical fumes or allergens that may have cause the node to become enlarged.

Have the subsequent CTs shown any changes or made any reference to that nodule that was seen in 2000? In 22 years I have to think it would have gotten much bigger and been noted as well as causing trouble.

We are all lung cancer patients and caregivers here, so knowing what someone with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis has to go through as far as regular monitoring and treatment is outside our experience. Also, I am assuming that you have had regular CTs.

Talk to your pulmonologist and ask for a comparison between your most recent CT with others from the past year or two with a focus on the subcarinal region.

I suspect you have nothing to be concerned here cancerwise. Best to pursue this with a clinician though. Very sorry to read that they have taken away the possibility of a transplant. Sending prayers for strength.

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Mrbojangles in reply to Denzie

Thanks Denzie,I mistakenly stated June 2000 but meant 2020.

Hopefully you are right but i feel uneasy that neither my GP or myself were not informed of these findings.

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DenzieModerator in reply to Mrbojangles

Oh, wow! That makes it even more important that you contact your pulmonologist and ask for that comparison.

Radiologists who read the CTs should look at the previous one or two for comparison and remark on any changes. ‘Should’ doesn’t mean they do.

Please let us know what you learn.

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Mrbojangles in reply to Denzie

Thanks, have now asked for a review.

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