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Oregon Patients Access to Best Care May Be Denied. Call to Action

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This is a copy of a blog written by my friend Janet Freeman-Daly. It’s important that they locate patients who can testify as to how genomic sequencing has improved or saved their lives. This will affect every type of cancer so if you know someone else who has benefited please let them know


Call to Action — Lung Cancer Patients & Doctors in Oregon

by Gray Connections

Are you from Oregon? You may be losing a very important tool to help you survive cancer. Please stand up to keep providing Medicaid coverage of FDA approved comprehensive genomic sequencing. Many lives depend on it!


The state of Oregon Health Authority Health Evidence Review Commission (HERC) recently released proposed guidance to not provide coverage for the use of FDA-Approved Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) tests for cancer patients in the state with Medicaid.

LUNGevity Foundation and Caring Ambassadors are seeking volunteers--both lung cancer survivors and health care professionals--who live in the state of Oregon, to provide testimony at a public meeting on this issue scheduled for 1:00pm-4:00pm on September 27, 2018 in Wilsonville, Oregon. Ideal testimony would be provided by survivors who have received NGS, or other comprehensive biomarker testing, to guide their treatment and by health care professionals who order, consult, or care for patients who have received NGS, or other comprehensive biomarker testing.For more information or to volunteer, please contact:

Anna Pugh, LUNGevity Foundation Director of Public Policy Initiatives, at agpugh@lungevity.org or 240-454-3105 or

Cindy Langhorne, Caring Ambassadors Lung Cancer Program Director at cindy@caringambassadors.org or 503-632-9032 ext. 1.

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Good afternoon Denise. How have you been. I was just thinking about you. You are doing a good thing. How long until we get the new moderater not that I'm worried. They should just let you do it. Your doing and I'm saying you are doing a great job. Love susie jo

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Hi SusieJo!

No one has approached me about continuing or not. I’m here for my fellow lung cancer peeps in any capacity. Sometimes when I log in it says Volunteer other times it says Moderator. I go with the flow since it’s all voluntary any how

This blog is so important because it will tell doctors what treatment wil it will not work. Saving the patient unnecessary treatment and side effects and saving the state government tens of thousands of dollars per patient in treatments that won’t work.