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Doctor needed

New to this site. I've had fibro since 1995. At that time I lived Santa Ana, Calif. Was married 29 years had a great career until fibro hit. I had a terrific Doctor who

Had a Chronic Fatigue clinic. Dr. Goldstein tried many treatments on me. Some helped most did not. In 2003 my sister had a heart attach so I moved to sa

Lem Oregon to over see her health needs. I have not had a regular Doctor since coming he

ar. I need help finding a doctor that won'

Say I have too many complex issues. I thought that'

What they went to medical school for.

I have some new scary things going on also my pain is consant no relief.

S ther

Anyone out there th

That' from

Oregon that has a doctor not afaid of issues. I hope this gets me a referal.


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I, too, have fibromyalgia. It is a pain in the everything. If you can, find a doctor who is familiar with using low dose Naltrexone for fibromyalgia. My daughter and I am having good results with it. It is not a cure all, but has been helpful for us. You might be able to find a doctor by asking friends who they recommend or asking your sister's doctor. I hope you find someone soon who can help you sort out what is happening to you.


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Not a good situation needing/finding a doc that works for you but one I'm sure will get better the more you research n this group can be pretty helpful as well. If you haven't tried CBD for your fybro yet you should consider it. My dgtr who has fybro, moved to IN a couple of years ago (I'm in CA) and nothing seemed to alleviate her pain much. A few weeks ago I bought her a sample pack from one of the online vendors, had it shipped to her in Indiana and it helps enough that she going to continue. Everyone is different so it's hard to compare results but doesn't hurt to try after everything. Best of luck to you ..


The way I did it was to find an excellent general practitioner who acts as gate keeper. She makes the referrals to specialists except for cancer. For cancer I go to a semi-nearby comprehensive cancer center. It is worth the time to make the trip! My doctor is a member of a large group so that everything possible happens in the same group - each doc can access my records without the rigamarole of hauling things from one doc to another; same with the comprehensive cancer center. The only exception to seeing all my docs under the two roofs is pain management - that is a specialty neither handles well enough.

I told my GP ahead of time that I am very complicated (5 primary cancers since 2002) and she was willing to take on my case. I feel blessed to have her in my corner.

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