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4 1/2 year Survivor!

Today (January 5,2018) is 4 1/2 years since Dave’s diagnosis of stage IV non small cell allk positive mutation. He has been cancer free since October 2016 He started out on zalkori. After 27 months he had too low of a heart rate and the was switched to zykadia which he has been for the past 27 months. Wehave used Patient Acces Network, Good days and now Novartis Patient Assistance Foundation for assistance in paying for these medicines after the insurance.

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So grateful to read that this is working so well for him. Grateful to you as well for sharing your experience with Patient Access Network and Patient Access Foundation. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by cost of cancer medications, people need to know about the help available to them.


Arkoia, Welcome and thank you for the wonderful news. Congratulations to both of you!


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