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Fluid in lung

I've had a catheter put in left lung due to fluid. I've had fluid drained before but now it's coming back after 3 days at about 1200 ml each drain. Why does it come back quicker? I asked my Pulmonary doctor and he could not tell me except to say it's due to my lung cancer. I see my Oncologist next week but I just figured I'd ask one this site first to see if anyone has an answer. The fluid has Adenocarcinoma cells present too but that was the case when I was 4 months between drains in the past. I was told my tumors are stable though from last CT scan. Thanks for any input!

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I cannot answer the "why?" Question but will tell you that when I had a pluerex catheter, I was draining my lungs twice per day and feeling eager to do so as it made breathing so much easier. At that time, I had just been diagnosed stage 4 adenocarcinoma nsclc. I had a pleurodesis (after fluid drained they put a sort of talc in the pleura space to seal it up....I'm not a doc but this is a rough description) and then needed chemo to start doing its job to shrink the cancer/prevent further fluid buildup. At the time, my question was "when will I be able to stop draining?" And the answer was that once the cancer got under control, I would not have fluid building up. My catheter became infected within a couple weeks, and thankfully chemo began doing its job. I hope you find better answers from others on this forum, and I pray that there is an easy explanation and fix since your last scans showed stability.

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Thanks for the reply. It helped knowing frequent drains can happen. Yes it feels great to breath normally afterwards. I have the exact disease as you too. I guess I just gotta see how it all goes. On Opdivo now as a second line treatment.

Best if luck to you.


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