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Bloody phlegm

Hello all, I have had bloody phlegm lately after coughing. At first not much but now it's a crimson color. I have stage 4 lung cancer. It was never showing on any scans but I've read it could be an infection. May last CT scan did show something new but 2 of 3 drs. said they were leaning toward an infection. Would the bloody phlepm start later in the infection? I'm taking antibiotic. Thanks!

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Kenny, I am glad you have gotten several opinions - always a good thing. The most common cause of coughing up blood is bronchitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane in the bronchial tubes). If you have an infection in your lungs, you have bronchitis because of that infection, and coughing blood would start whenever your inflammation got severe enough. So it could start later in the infection process. But, don't stop telling your docs about your symptoms and certainly if it doesn't start improving, it gets worse, or you develop other symptoms too. They only know what you tell them - don't be shy!

Hang in there! And please keep being such a great advocate for yourself!


How scary. So glad you sought help quickly. Definitely listen to Peggy's advice and keep your docs informed about any changes. I assume you have a follow up appointment, but don't wait until then if you notice any negative changes. Thoughts and prayers are with you. Jean


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