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When People Say I'm 'Too Young to Have Had Cancer'


Cancer knows no age, and some might not know that saying that someone is "too young to have cancer" might mean something completely different to a young person.

Read about the perspective of lung cancer from someone who was diagnosed as young as 22: themighty.com/2017/02/peopl...

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Powerful, thanks Travis.


These are the stories of two heroes of mine. Diagnosed with lung cancer under age 10. That's right. Under age 10. We need to find an inexpensive way to test universally.



Little Kyssi succumbed to complications of her cancer in June 2015.


FtH-Travis I know your not talking about me. I had cancer when I was 22 had to have a hysterectomy. I have had cancer three times Breast,lung. So people are so wrong when they say your too young to get cancer OH they are so wrong. If I hadn't already had my children I wouldn't have been able too have any. So I've been lucky. Susie Jo

Wow, what a story. There are some shockingly young people being diagnosed with lung cancer as well.


travis what about riley hospital it was his dream to have a hospital just for children with cancer.it was danny thomas and his daughter after he died. she took over. and what about shriners those are young children,they have children. They gave so who ever said that children don't get cancer are so wrong.

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