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When Lung Cancer, Is NOT Lung Cancer

I was given 6-12 months to live on January 5, 2016. The HPV Throat Cancer I had in 2014 had reappeared in my lungs, and therefore, I had Lung Cancer. Right?


I have been saying I have terminal Lung Cancer, but the HopDocs (My doctors at Johns Hopkins) keep telling me it is not Lung Cancer, but HPV Cancer in my lungs. Okay, whatever. I have cancer, in my lungs, and it's gonna get me.

I kinda get what they were trying to explain to me, which actually made sense when compared to what former President Jimmy Carter was dealing with, that was cured. He had melanoma, which is skin cancer, on his brain.


Their explanation of what I had, made sense of what Jimmy Carter was dealing with. However, I still tell folks I have lung cancer. I guess I am just looking for others that have dealt with HPV Cancer of the throat that spread to your lungs.

I'm not asking for too much am I?

Mike "Serrecko" March

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Good morning, MIke. You are correct in everything you said - weird as that sounds, your cancer is throat cancer and will look like throat cancer no matter where it is in your body. But you know that. You might want to try contacting They connect people with similar paths, and oral and/or throat cancer can become cancer in the lungs (obviously) so you should be able to find others in your position, and be able to offer one another support. Good luck and please continue to be part of our community, you still share many, many things with everyone here.


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