Help my tummy hurts :'(

Hi I have a long medical history which I will write another time. In short I have Crohns disease, arthritis, fibromyalgia & Lympedema. Apparently I'm not a classic Lympedema case, I have less lymph system in my left arm & more nodes in the right...I've never had surgery or cancer treatment but do have a diagnosis of lymphedema. The swelling is on my left side, face, neck, arm, breast, side & leg, with a large patch of swelling on my hip. Also I get a bloated stomach, with patches of what feels like fluid on top, I swear I can feel it move, anybody else understand ???? Please my stomach hurts, , I'm sure it's to do with lymphedema my whole stomach hurts on top under my breast bone is like a ridge that's wgere the fluid patch begins.


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Have you ever tried manual lymph drainage? It would be really helpful in your particular case, as it is just about the only technique that can help shift lymph from the trunk and abdomen. Have a look here for someone who might be able to help -


Amberjou I get this. I had it so bad I coukd hardly eat because it was blockkng my tummy. They are completely useless at helping with this on the nhs I found. In desperation I paid to go see dr mortimer privately and I got a tummy ct scan. I have a lot of le kn my trunk and its in like blobs which are incredibly painful to break up but I am succeeding in dokng this at hkme which combined with swimming is gradually moving it off over time. Lymoh massage will help but they won't help me and I can't afford it. Ive now got diabetes and I'm sure this is why.

Finally I've found the way to help myself with this. I think I'm right to say theres a cluster of lymoh nodes there, and theyre getting blocked. I find when they are really blocked my bresthkng is laboured, its hard to eat, and some kind of hormone nlockkng thing goes kn because I become depresed for no reason at all until its released.

Pilates moves this blockage. I coukd actually feel it release in the class, and it was hard not to bust into tears for a little while, then I came out of the class with a sudden rushnof happiness. This also happens if I can afford lymoh massage on it. I also jokned a choir because deep breathing helped but just standing about deep breathing is a little dull! Now I do synchronised swimming because that's like pilates in water and the watr pressure helps too.

It makes me really angry that I struggle with lymph there and no one cares. All thy ever do is measure me legs, well who cares what size my legs are when my tummy is agony and I can hardly breathe and can't eat?!?! When I tried to eat it was getting stuck behind the big lymph blockage and it wouldn't go down.

Gently as soon as you can try some little crunches for your tummy and a little deep breathing. I personally lie kn my back and very gently press my fingertips into the blockage and unblock it a bit pushing gently upwards in little lymph massage movements. I can't advise you to do this and they will advise you here not tk do this and to get a professional to do it, but as I say they refuse to help me so as fsr as me treating myself goes they have nothing to say when they left me in such a state without giving a stuff. I hope you get a better service and can get some lovely lymph massage on it, I bet you come out of there feeling amazing. Once the pain is gone its so good. I understsnd how desperate you feel with it and o hope trying any of these thjngs helps you find relief.


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