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Does anyone out there wear the knee high garments with zips in?

I have knee highs and the rest is waist to knee. I have a heart complaint and getting the knee highs on is a blooming struggle! So so wondered it zips were the answer. I also have tights - but what ever I wear the crotch is down to my knees after very little walking! I end up hobbling like a little Chinese lady with her feet bound!! OH! the joy of being a Lympie!

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what grade of compression are you in? Zips do reduce the compression grade a little and can be hard to pull up...they do make taking off easier. have you been offered easy slides or a medi Butler frame to help get them on?


Thanks for getting back - my legs are horrendous, therefore very high compression grade, I have so much trouble getting tights on and the 2 pieces - I just wondered it it would be easier with sips in the knee highs (of the 2 piece) No haven't been offered thing to get them on - will ask, Thanks


Hi Joannie

There are compression garments with zips but many people find that these are quite uncomfortable - there are alternatives such as Velcro - farrow wraps or circaid which can be used as an alternative.


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