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Why do some people with lymphoedema see a specialist and others do not?

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Dr Catherine and Anita discuss why only some of those people with lymphoedema

see a specialist.


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Thanks for the video, much appreciated.

My NHS specialist nurse assessed/diagnosed my lymphoedema by observation and feel alone. I feel this approach possibly delayed me getting the type of compression I needed.

After a couple of years of my swelling getting worse I paid for medical specialist help which included ICG lymphography and lymphoscintigraphy scans. The scans enabled a better understanding of the way lymphoedema manifests in me. I feel that if I'd had these scans shortly after completion of my cancer treatment I might have got more appropriate treatment (e.g. flat knit compression) earlier than I did and would have ultimately incurred less damage to my lymphatic system.

I consider that good specialist help should include scans as a matter of routine.

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