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Do we know if coronavirus is a problem for us that have Lymphoedema with cellulitis ?

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Anyone who is immuno-compromised should take precautions - not just with Covid19 , but also generally. Clean hands. Avoid crowds and if cellulitis (which is bacterial, not viral) is active, keep taking the meds.

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Excellent advice Lynora and to that I would add try to follow a diet that keeps insulin and blood sugars very low. This should also help to control cellulitis. is a great place to learn about the 'low carb real food' way of life. Dr Unwin's sugar equivalence infographics are brilliant to illustrate just how sugary different foods make one's blood. This is a good article to learn about them: If one has cellulitis, this is an indication of high blood sugars even if not yet diabetic.

It would be good to hear LSN’s view on this very important topic.

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