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Just diagnosed


Hello all, thank you for having me :) I have just been diagnosed with lymphoedema...my legs have always been huge....my then gp never took any notice when I talked to him about it...he is now offering as part of the practice Botox treatment! I now have a new GP and she picked up straight away that something was wrong...I am still awaiting my first clinic appointment which hopefully will point me in the right direction as to what happens next. would be lovely to hear from others who are/were in the same position as me :)

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Were you diagnosed by your GP or a consultant? Hopefully the lymphoedema clinic will be able to give a more in depth assessment. With both legs involved, they may want to rule out lipoedema, which affects both legs.

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Hello ...it was by my GP :) I have looked up lipodema just now and I read "the feet are not usually affected. affected areas feel 'spongy' and cool and the skin is generally soft and subtle".

My legs are hard,, and my feet are affected; if you press on a part of the leg (any part) you get a big indent...IF I kneel which sometimes I do because of young kids...then the front of my legs go completely fat and the back of them feel like they are going to burst... ( I do try not to kneel but...) also at times, parts of my legs are hot- and when it is really hot, the skin oozes fluid. I am at the clinic Sept 11th ( horrible date) so will see what they say. Thank you for pointing out that it could be something else...I will keep my mind open :)

Good luck getting accurate diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately a lot of GPs are still not very well informed about lipoedema or lymphoedema despite the best efforts of LSN and BLS.

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