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Ginger oil


I've heard that massaging with ginger oil is good for lymphoedema. It's quite expensive so before I buy has anyone tried it? And did it help? Thanks.

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Someone else posted the same question a couple of weeks ago, might be worth going through recent posts, finding it and looking at replies x

This may be the post -

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Thanks Lynora. I always listen to your sound advice. X

Do not waste your money...And consider these wise words from the LSN

30.07.18 Lymphoedema Support Network Post on their Facebook page:

There are lots of 'miracle' cures and devices, oils and rubs and machines to break down fashia and fat all being advertised as 'reducing leg oedema' 'banishing swollen ankles' etc. etc. In the UK and across Europe amazing groups of researchers are exploring how and why lymphoedema occurs, carrying out trials of surgical procedures, medictions and other treatments that may help in the fight against lymphoedema. Is it really likely that a cosmetic company would have cracked the problem? do you not think that if they had they would not have teamed up with a major pharmaceutical company and licensed the product thereby making a fortune rather than advertising it on facebook? Please take care, most of these products are simply money wasting alternatives to good skin care, appropriate massage, prescribed medical grade compression, movement and mainataining a healthy weight, but some are actually dangerous to the superficial lymphatics so vital in lymphoedema management. We have approached the makers of several of these products asking for the evidence that they have gathered to prove the 'clinically effective' claims they make and, as yet, none of them have answered our questions. We will keep asking and will get comments and thoughts from our medical advisors when we become aware of such products but please please please take care.

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That makes absolute sense. Thank you. And I will ignore all future 'miracle' ads.

Hello holly-bush1, Please be very careful with any homeopathic or herbal oils and ointments etc, as you may have an allergic reaction or create an irritation to your skin which is sensitive and thin due to the lymphoedema problem.

Thanks for replying. I've decided against using it. I'll carry on with dry massage in the morning before putting on compression stockings. And massage followed by moisturiser at night.