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Foot rest / pain

Hi all

I think my last post some time ago was about leg pain,

I have recently moved departments at work and have a very low footstool (basically my legs are dangling as the footstool is so low)

However, my legs have ached ever since changing departments as previously I had a great footstool so my legs were virtually level with my hips!

This may sound crazy but could the pain which has increased with the feeling of numbness be from my legs just being suspended all day, that and I'm not moving as often,

I have Lympheodema in both legs from cancer treatment.

Thank you

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That's outrageous. LD is disabling.

I hope that your job is big the kind

where you can't ask for more suitable


Of course




I think the sensible thing is for me to ask for my original footstool as it appears this is what is causing the problem!

Thank you for your reply

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Whatever may be causing the numbness and pain I suggest you need your employer to provide the same footstool as before plus a bit of walking around. Ask your manager. If not forthcoming ask HR. A large employer will have occupational health support for employees. You are legally entitled to "reasonable adjustments" and this sounds entirely "reasonable". If that doesn't work post again!

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I'm sure that your increased pain will be because your legs are suspended. I am retired and, if I am sitting down at home, I always have my recliner chair with the footrest up. This definitely makes a difference and should help with any swelling. In the short term could you ask for your 'old' chair back until they can order a new one. By law I'm sure they should have to provide you with suitable seating for your 'disability'. Hope you get sorted soon x

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I find my legs have to be supported on a footstool, ideally with a sheepskin pad under the calves. I have a lot more pain if I sit on a chair and they dangle ( am quite short) and after 20 - 30 minutes of sitting I try to get up and walk around to keep the circulation moving. Very difficult coping with Lympheodema when one is at work. Sometimes, if I am static for too long, I get terrific shooting pains down my leg/s. If I don't put my support stockings on early enough I get that strange 'running water' sensation. Best of luck.

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Thank you all!

I am going to sort out suitable seating arrangements as this really does seem to be the problem!

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