Hi I have been prescribed with pressure garments for my legs but just wondered what other treatments people use?

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  • Hi, I only have compression stockings and zero base cream but my legs have been driving me mad all day very agitated and jumpy can't keep them still and not looking forward to going to bed to nite 😡

  • I can't wear garments as polio left me with no muscles to pull them on - but instead I have MLD (manual lymphatic drainage) which works well for me. Only problem is NHS will pay for garments, but won't pay for MLD, although it would work out cheaper!

  • Hi Hazie

    There is a lot on here already about what we Lymphies do to manage/treat/cope with LE in our legs. I have Primary bilateral LE full feet/leg LE and have posted a fair bit on here. Have you been referred to a LE clinic? Try doing a search or scrolling through feeds on here to see what others have to say and also check out the LSN website for advice. Pay particular attention to leg skin care and the high risk of cellulitis due to having LE. The LSN site has the cellulitis concensus document formulated by the British Lymphology society which is important to be familiar with, as cellulitis can hit anytime anywhere totally unexpectedly. If it's not caught early you could end up in hospital for intravenous antibiotics. Worse case scenario it can be deadly due to sepsis. (Not thing to frighten you but cellulitis in a Lymphie limb is very serious). I've had it twice on my left leg my leg in the past 6 months and still have no idea (nor does my GP) why I got it. I learned the signs and symptoms and caught it early both time and avoided hospital admission.

    Also important to learn about Simple Lymphatic drainage/SLD that you can undertake on your legs to drain lymph, which should always start with lymphatic abdominal breathwork. I will post a few very good instruction videos for yoa tonight as I don't have time at the mo. Also look on the MLDUK website for local qualified MLD therapists as regular MLD from a properly qualified LE therapist (not a bog standard massage therapist) is extremely beneficial to manage and treat your Lymphie legs and slow progression of the disease. Cat x

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